Training Program

There are lots of charity teams that run the LA Marathon, so why consider running with us?  Because we offer a unique
combination of expertise, free stuff, support, and personal satisfaction that no other team offers.

Certified Experienced Coaches:  Certified by the Roadrunners Club of America, our coaches bring their knowledge,
experience and passion for running to help you do their best.  They are there every Sunday offering tips and, they, along
with our pacers, run side by side with team members, offering encouragement.  They are also available during the week
to answer questions, offer tips, and keep the website updated with weekly training plans and blog posts to both inspire
and educate.


Man and woman help silhouette in mountains

Partnership with Dr. Michael Hannon: Many new and experienced runners have either experienced injuries, or worry about becoming injured.  Because our team is supported by Dr. Hannon, an Orthopedic Surgeon, you will gain the benefits of guidance from experienced sports medicine professionals.  He will attend runs and offer running workshops to teach proper running form, stretching, foam rolling, and other tips to avoid injury.  And, if you do become injured, he is there to help you as well, with diagnostic and therapeutic services in a state of the art facility, offered at a price that fits your budget.

Varied Routes with a Purpose:  Our runs include track workouts, hill workouts, beach runs, and, during the latter part of the season, runs along the marathon course.  We vary the runs so you can enjoy the scenery while preparing your mind and body for the big day.

Lots of Free Stuff:  We’ll pay for your marathon registration, as well as registration for an early season 10K and a mid‐season half marathon to get you ready for that big day. You’ll also get a team shirt, a hotel stay and team dinner the night before the Marathon, and discounts on running gear.

_MG_8407 (pre-run coach talks)

Camaraderie and Encouragement:  We’re not a racing team.  Our first priority is that you enjoy yourself while achieving your goal, whether that’s doing the full marathon or being  part of the charity relay team (each participant does half the Marathon), and whether that’s participating as a runner or a walker.   Many of our team members get so much out of the experience that they come back year after year.  And, these more team members work together with our coaches to also offer support and encouragement to our novice runners.

Fundraising Support:  All we ask from you is that you raise the minimum required for participation.  We understand that some find it difficult to ask for money, so that’s why we provide a fundraising media kit and mentors who will help you every step of the way.  Many of our runners have ended up raising far more than they had ever expected.

Personal Satisfaction:  Not only will you have a achieved a personal goal, you will know that your efforts changed lives. Check out our Testimonials page to see what those team members who ran as part of their recovery had to say, and visit the Beit T’Shuvah website at to learn more!