Season Overview


 Week Date Miles for Marathoners Miles for Half Marathoners
8 10/30/16 6  5
9 11/06/16 8
10 11/13/16 10
11 11/20/16 8
12 11/27/16 12
13 12/04/16 8
14  12/11/16 
15  12/18/16   13.1 Half Marathon 6.2 10K
16  12/25/16  10
17  01/01/17  14 
18 01/07/17 14 team night walk 14 team night walk
18  01/08/17  16 
19   01/15/17 12 
20  01/22/17  15  10 
21  01/29/17  15 10 
 22 02/05/17  18 11 
 23 02/12/17  16 11 
 24 02/19/17  20  12 
 25 02/26/17 18  10 
 26 03/5/17  14 
 27 03/12/17 
Marathon Day  03/19/17 26.2  13.1 


Phase I - Build Your Base

The goal of this phase is to get your body accustomed to running.  If you are just starting out, you may wish to alternate between walking and running.  The Sunday runs will gradually get longer, and during the week, we urge you to run at least 2-3 times, keeping each run shorter than the Sunday run.  Doing too much too soon, before your body adjusts to the new stresses, puts you at higher risk for injury.  Add miles and days gradually.

Phase II - Add Mileage

During November, December, and January, the Sunday run distances will increase steadily, with the goal of getting in a few 20 mile runs. The focus of this phase will be learning what your body needs to keep going.  What you did the day before, what you ate for breakfast, and how and when you eat and hydrate during these longer runs makes a big difference as to how you’ll feel.  Everybody’s different, so while we can give you some general guidelines, you’ll have to learn by experience exactly what’s best for you.  During this phase, running during the week is critical.  Try to get in 3-4 runs during the week, with 1-2 challenging runs (we’ll give you ideas for those), at least one easy shorter run, and one longer but slower run at a distance that’s as much as a few miles shorter than our Sunday run.  This phase comes to an end with our last 20 mile run three weeks before Marathon day.

Phase III – Taper

You’ve worked hard the last few months, and your body is capable of doing the whole 26.2. Any time you work out, you are tearing down muscle. When you rest, that’s when the muscles rebuild and get stronger.  That’s what the last 3 weeks will be about. Our Sunday runs will get shorter, and your mid-week runs need to as well.  You will be maintaining your strength, while letting your muscles rebuild.  To quote Jack Daniel, PhD, one of the country’s leading running coaches, the goal during this phase is to ensure that you arrive at the starting line “peaked and well-rested”.