Our Coaches

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Leslie Gold

Leslie brings nearly 4 decades of experience as an endurance athlete to the team. An avid long distance cyclist and runner, and RRCA Certified Running Coach, she joined the team in 2012. Running side by side with residents and alumni who had hit bottom and done things they weren’t proud of; she heard many stories and saw first hand how people were now working so hard to make new lives for themselves . She was so inspired by these successes that, when asked to be a coach the following season, she eagerly accepted.

“I felt honored to be part of the journey, to be at people’s side encouraging them not to quit when the going got tough. Finishing a marathon, I realized, is a metaphor for life, whether or not you are in recovery”. As a coach, her goal is to inspire others to make fitness a part of their daily lives so they too can enjoy the many physical and emotional benefits it brings. And, she wants to help people see just how much they can achieve by dreaming big and working hard.



Anna Johnson

Anna's running career began when she was ten years old in the Hershey's Track program at her elementary school. She has spent the past two decades running competitively in both cross country and track programs up through the collegiate level. Since participating in organized programs Anna has traveled cross country participating in road races of all lengths. This includes countless 5k's, 10k's, 1/2 marathons, and marathons. Anna has just completed the RRCA coaching certification program and is eager to share her leadership, skills and knowledge with Running 4 Recovery participants.

"Running has always been my opportunity to reflect, grow through commitment and perseverance, and the time to work through struggles and life challenges. The techniques, strategies and insights I've learned through my two decades of running I hope to share to create a positive, meaningful experience."