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For the past several years, the Beit T’Shuvah Marathon Team has partnered with the staff of Liddy Health & Fitness to help our runners prevent and treat injuries They have attended team runs and held workshops to educate us about proper running form, warm up and cool down exercises, foam rolling, strengthening and more. And, if a runner does get injured, Liddy Health & Fitness offers a full range of rehabilitative and chiropractic services that fit within your budget. Because we’ve gotten such good feedback from our runners who did need treatment, we are continuing to work with Liddy Heatlh & Fitness and are finding new ways each year to further include them in our training program. Not only did they get our runners back on their feet, they offered incredible morale support.


To quote one of our runners

“I found a new strength inside myself that no other person or outside thing could take away. I challenged what I thought I was capable of, mentally and physically. I started coming [to Liddy Health & Fitness], and with the help of Zack, Dr. Ken, Deborra Liddy, and the rest of the staff, I started seeing my potential. They believed in me from the very start, even when I didn’t think I was capable of very much. They generously gave their time, energy, resources, and unconditional encouragement to me, every step of the way.”
— Marissa Young, 2014 Beit T’Shuvah L.A. Marathon Team

At Liddy Health & Fitness, their goal is to help you succeed in reaching yours!


As health care providers, we understand that people respond differently to treatment. Our highly trained staff believe that individual treatment should be based on an in-depth evaluation of the patient. We tailor a treatment and exercise plan to meet your individual needs, goals & unique medical and physical condition, and ask you, the patient to participate actively in your own health and lifestyle management.
Our advanced, hands-on techniques lead to maximum rehabilitation and restoration of function, as well as prevention of recurring conditions.
With over 40 years combined experience, we also believe in keeping up-to-date with the latest treatments and scientific advances. Our goal is to be our best so we can help you be your best.
We wish you well,
John A. Liddy, D.C. & Deb Liddy, M.A. Ed.