About Running 4 Recovery

Starting in 2009, Beit T'Shuvah has assembled a team of 12 runners to participate in the Los Angeles Marathon, and we have grown every year since then, with this year's team nearly 100 strong. Consisting of staff, alumni, residents and community supporters, Running 4 Recovery embarks on this monumental athletic effort to help raise awareness and funds for the large percentage of Beit T'Shuvah residents who can't afford treatment. Our Running 4 Recovery campaign helps aid Beit T'Shuvah's mission of never turning anyone away due to their inability to pay. It demonstrates how our program helps recovering addicts survive their addiction and thrive in every aspect of their lives. The team is a community of individuals in and supporters of recovery - and was formed so that others may have the chance to recover. We are constantly growing and spreading our message of hope and recovery along the way. You don't have to be in treatment  to be Running 4 Recovery - you can run for them!

Beit T’Shuvah’s Marathon Team

Our professional training program, led by experienced Certified Coaches  is one-of-a-kind. We partner with local health professionals and organizations to provide our team with the highest level of individualized care. Every year we have not only increased runner membership but we have increased our local partnerships in order to develop our highly esteemed program. The Running 4 Recovery Team offers a nearly 6 month  training program - with tailored programming to suit your needs. In addition to running in the Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, we participate in several other events throughout the training season. We also offer the option of  participating in the Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon Charity Relay, which is a team of two runners who split the 26.2 distance; and if that's your preference, we've got a half marathon training program for you too.  If running is not for you, but you want to be part of this experience,  we have a walking program as well! We have a lot to offer - and we believe in meeting you where you're at. 

Our team is all about completing the LA Marathon to support people who are working hard every day to turn their lives around and then stay on track.  Addiction can destroy lives and takes a significant toll on the friends and family of the addict as well.  But, with the right help and the determination to change, addicts can start over and take charge of their futures.  For nearly 3 decades, Beit T’Shuvah’s  unique approach to recovery has been helping people struggling with addiction rebuild their lives.  Since its inception in the early 80s, Beit T’Shuvah has provided treatment to thousands of addicts, saved thousands of souls.  When you join our team, you can be part of this success.  You can make a difference.

What you get…

Experienced certified coaches

Our coaches are certified by the Roadrunners Club of America, and experienced endurance athletes with a passion for running and helping you do your best.  They lead the Sunday runs and are available during the week to answer your questions and provide support.

Injury prevention education

Liddy Health and Fitness provides classes on proper running form, stretching, and foam rolling, all designed to prevent injuries during the season.  If, however, you do experience pain, their team of physiotherapists will provide treatment at their new state of the art facility in West LA

Six month training program

Our program begins in mid‐August, and continues through Marathon Day, February 14, 2016.  We will also come together again after the run to reconnect and be recognized during a Friday night Shabbat Service at Beit T’Shuvah. 

Sunday morning group runs

We meet at 7am every Sunday morning for group runs.  During the early season, most runs will start at the Santa Monica Pier, and later in the season we will run different sections of the Marathon course, so you will know what to expect on the big day. All runs are supported by Beit T’Shuvah volunteers offering hydration and snacks after the run, and, along the way as our runs get longer.

Non‐competitive supportive team

Our number one priority is ensuring that you enjoy yourself while achievig your goal, whether that be walking or running, completing the full Marathon or being part of the Half Marathon Charity Relay Team.  We are not a racing team.  We are all about camaraderie.

Team shirt

Every runner gets a shirt, which we encourage you to wear on training runs as a way to show team spirit and promote our cause.

Discounts on running gear

Stores coming soon!

10K registration

Because we want you to enjoy the excitement of a race and understand what it’s like to run with thousands of people well before Marathon day, we will all participate in a 10K early in our training season.   

Half marathon registration

To further build your confidence and excitement, we also include a half marathon about half way through the season. 

LA Marathon registration

As part of our team, you will automatically be registered for the LA Marathon.  Like the 10K, and half marathon, this is part of the package we offer.  There is no charge to you.

Team dinner

We all come together at a Downtown LA restaurant the evening before the Marathon for a team dinner.   

Pre‐race hotel stay

After the team dinner, we’ll head back to a nearby hotel.  We’ll meet in the lobby early on Marathon morning, and travel together to Dodger Stadium.

Fundraising kit

Among the ways to raise money is to send letters to your friends, family, and colleagues, and post your message on social media sites.  Our fundraising kit provides you with messaging ideas and other tips.

Fundraising mentor

We know that many people find it difficult to ask for money. Our mentors understand this, and will be available to provide guidance every step of the way.  With this individualized support, many of our runners have been very surprised by how much they were able to raise!