10 More Ways to Feel Inspired

A few weeks ago, I shared your responses to the prompts on the poster boards set you for you at end of your run.  I put those poster boards out there again today during the team breakfast and got even more awesome input.  You wrote from the heart. Your words not only inspire each other on this year’s team, they will inspire many others when I share them with the teams that will come after you.  My sincere thanks to each of you for being there for each other, and for paying it forward. 

The new comments from today’s breakfast are below.

What Being Part of this Team Means to Me:

  • Community, love and support! -Jillian C
  • It propelled me and kept me going when I would want to stop. I felt accountable. -Dana
  • This gave me a chance to get out of my comfort zone, both physically and emotionally. Getting to know more residents and sharing stories with them was especially meaningful and the support and encouragement they gave me moved me beyond words.  -Elizabeth
  • It means that the team is with me when extra challenges are present. The team helps me to be motivated to be healthier. -Ali Mazhin
  • I got to walk with Elizabeth, Dana, Misty and Amy! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the team. -Sally

Training for the Marathon Taught Me:

  • Self accomplishment -Justina
  • To keep going and hold on even when I don’t want to. -Jillian
  • Consistency & commitment to something greater than myself. -Anonymous
  • How to be a better runner, and extra confidence in my abilities to run faster. Also, it helped me meet fine people that are motivated to run as a team. -Ali Mazhin
  • I can do things I’m afraid of doing.  -Dana


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