Your answers to “What Training for the Marathon Taught Me”

As I mentioned in last week’s Coaches Corner, during our training on January 28, everyone was given the opportunity to write their thoughts on one or both of the posters, each one with a different prompt: “What being part of the Marathon Team means to me” and “Training for the Marathon taught me”.  Last week, I shared the responses to the first prompt, and now I’m sharing the responses on the second poster.  I hope you are all as inspired by each other as I am by each of you.

 I’m stronger than I thought.

 I can achieve my goals no matter how ridiculous

 That the impossible is possible, and I don’t know the meaning of giving up.

 To get out of bed even when I don’t want to

 To set goals and finish them.  A goal is a dream with a deadline.  Now I’m living my dream.

 No matter how much it hurts, keep pushing forward to accomplish my goals and commitments!
-Adam F.

 Feels so good!  Baby steps at first.
-Sally P.

 Consistency and commitment to something greater than myself

 Commitment, passion, determination, persistence

That this isn’t going to be easy and that life isn’t always going to be easy either.  Sometimes you have to push through the tough times and stay on the right path.  You’ll eventually get to your destination.
-Amy P.


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