Enjoying the Power of your New Capabilities

Because you are now all experienced runners and walkers, you now have a tool that you can use as often as you want to lift your mood, reduce stress, improve your sleep, facilitate moving meditation, sharpen your thinking, clear your mind, and so much more, all while enjoying the beauty of the world around you. That tool is regular exercise performed in a setting that inspires you. And that’s what we’re going to focus on during the next two weeks. 

You know the course. You know you can go the distance.  Your bodies are ready.  It’s time now to reflect on how you can optimize the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of regular exercise by making the experience as enjoyable as possible. 

We’re going to support that goal during the next two Sundays by taking you to new places, each with its own natural beauty. Next Sunday, we’ll do our entire 12 miles along the beach between Playa Del Rey and Manhattan Beach.  You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the ocean breezes, listen to the surf, and maybe even spot a few dolphins.  The following Sunday, we’ll head for the hills and the woods, as we enjoy the trail around the Hollywood Reservoir. You’ll be able to listen to the birds and the sounds of rustling leaves, breathe in the smells of the forest, and savor the peacefulness of the setting.

Not only will you all have the opportunity to enjoy nature, and celebrate your new level of fitness, you’ll be creating an experience for yourself that is clinically proven to reduce the risk of relapse. 

How awesome is all that?!


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