Jacqueline’s Story of her New and Improved Identity

Jacqueline shared an inspiring story with me that I’d like to pass along.  She described a typical day, while still actively using, sitting on the side of the road watching runners go by.  She wondered if she’d ever be “normal” like them, and if she could ever do something like that.  Back in those days, she thought of herself as someone who couldn’t finish anything she started, someone who couldn’t achieve a goal.  Not any more!

Now she’s someone who ran 10 miles, a distance most “normal” runners don’t achieve. She’s someone who can achieve a seemingly impossible goal, and is ready for even more challenging goals.  As she described it to me, “Running changed the way I think of myself.  It changed my identity!”


How has running changed your self image?!


Speed, Weed, and Pain Meds, a.k.a. “Runner’s High”

If you are a member of the Marathon Team, you have the opportunity to enjoy the effects of speed, weed, and pain meds, all at the same time. The euphoric feeling of “Runner’s High” that some of you have already experienced, and which all of you can, has real brain science behind it. 

Continuous vigorous exercise results in the production of three endogenous euphoriants, specifically phenethylamine, anandamide, and beta-endorphins.  Translating from clinical-eze to regular English, when you’re out there on the course pushing yourself for a while, your brain releases three chemicals that are very similar to those found in amphetamines, marijuana, and opioids/pain meds. And that’s what creates “Runner’s High”.  That experience of emotional release, spirituality, and profound joy is caused by the changes in brain chemistry that occur as you exercise. And that means you can create those feelings for yourself over and over.  How awesome is that?!

So, next time you have a craving, or even if you don’t, and you just want to feel great, go out for a run.  It’s cheaper, it’s legal, and best of all, you’ll feel really good about yourself afterward.