Welcome Lauren, Joey and Brett

Our Running4Recovery community is growing, and so is the energy.  Thanks to Lauren, Joey, and Brett for joining the team.  You’ve joined a group of role models who are willing to go the extra mile not only to help themselves, but also to show each other what’s possible with consistent hard work.

As Brett so correctly observed, “This is hard!”  Yup. It is.  And that’s why you’ll all be so proud of yourself when you cross the finish line, just as Meredith described this morning, when she shared her experience as a member of last year’s team.  

What you’ll also experience as the distances get longer, is that your teammates will inspire you to keep going.  We’ll lift each other up, and we’ll celebrate each other’s successes. We will do this together! We are an awesome community!

Thanks to each and every one of you for coming out and working hard week after week. 


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