Thanks, Josh, for your inspiring finish line quote

Before I share Josh’s quote, I want to congratulate each of you who did the Santa Monica Venice Christmas Run 5K or 10K.  Look back on where you were just two months ago, and look how much you have accomplished since then.  You got up and showed up; you worked hard; you didn’t quit; and you achieved a big goal.  You’ve got a medal to show for it, and a memory that I hope will always inspire you.  You have an experience that will help you remember that you’re capable of whatever you are willing to work for. 

In three more months, it will be Marathon Day.  Your continued hard work will have built on itself, and you will be even stronger, more disciplined, and more focused than you are today.   Your success today is a stepping stone to even bigger successes, out there on the course, and in recovery.

And on those days when training seems tough, you can remember what Josh said to me shortly after crossing the finish line and reflecting on the experience.  “I was miserable the entire time, but now that I’m done, I feel great!  It’s the opposite of drugs.”


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