And now you have a second new silent running buddy…

Last week’s Coaches Corner talked about the value of letting gravity be your friend whether you are running uphill, downhill, or on flat ground.  I hope you are all remembering to lean forward slightly, with your body aligned and not bent at the waist, so that gravity helps you move forward.  Another “friend” that becomes increasingly important as the distances get longer is a breakfast consisting of good carbs.  (We’ll be sending out the slides from David Wiss’ nutrition talk, with much more detailed info, in a separate email.)

I’m sure you have a number of reasons for wanting to be on the Marathon Team, and I hope that at least one of them involves honoring yourself.  One way to treat yourself well is to set yourself up to do your best at whatever you do. You can practice this by not just showing up on Sundays and for midweek runs, but by also showing up prepared. 

Most people who didn’t eat breakfast before a morning run start to run out of steam after about 5-6 miles.  Energy levels drop and those last few miles seem so much harder than the first few.  Everybody is different, so how much you need to eat and how soon before will vary from person to person.  A Clif bar about 30-60 minutes before a long morning run works for me, but that may not be right for you.  I encourage you to start experimenting with different good carb breakfasts at different times until you figure out what works best for you. 

As our distances get longer, you’ll be ready. You’ll be doing your best to honor yourself and your commitment. And, you’ll be able to feel like a superhero by finishing strong!


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