You’re Starting a New Healthy Habit!

Congratulations to all of you who showed up for training two Sundays in a row.  To those of you who came for the first time, welcome; and to those of you who showed up for our first Sunday and missed this past Sunday, we hope you’ll come back.

As we start the season, it’s time to commit to a new habit, a habit that will serve as a metaphor for recovery.

Just like training for a full or half marathon, achieving the goal of long term sobriety means working hard every day, and surrounding yourself with those who support your goal.  It means you get up and show up. It means going the extra mile.  It means not giving up when the going gets tough.  And, when you need support to go the distance, you will have coaches, volunteers and the rest of your team to rely on. We’ll help you on the road to the LA Marathon finish line, and there will be others in your life who will become your support network as you journey beyond Beit T’Shuvah.

And most importantly, it means that because of your efforts, you’ll be able to look back and be proud of what you accomplished out on the Marathon route and in your journey through life.  

You can do this!


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