“If you had asked me a month ago….”

One of my favorite parts of being a coach is hearing people express their pride as they realize they achieved a distance they didn’t think they were capable of.  It happened for the first time this season as Adam shared his excitement with me over having completed today’s challenging route.  “If you had asked me a month ago, I would have told you I could never go this far.”  It was the first time we added a hill to our training, and it was the longest distance the marathoners were asked to so so far. And they did it.  And for all you half marathoners, I bet 4 miles now sounds easy.  It was only a month ago when we began the season by walking two miles.

If you can make that much progress in a month, imagine what December will bring, then January, February and March.  To those of you who are thinking “I can’t do a half marathon” or “I can’t do a full marathon”, you may be right about your capabilities today, but stick with the training, and you will be able to achieve your goal. 

You are capable of whatever you put your mind to and work hard at!

Go Team!


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