Congratulations on Achieving a Major Milestone

Just as recovery is filled with small successes that add up to long term sobriety, your training is a series of successes that are giving you so much to be proud of.  We are now in Week 5 of our training, and already you have achieved a lot. Not only have you been consistently getting up and showing up, you are getting stronger and going further.

The most common distances for races in the distance running community are a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon.  If you did the full 3 miles either this Sunday or the Sunday before, you completed the equivalent of a 5K!  That’s the first major milestone. Awesome!  In just a few more weeks, you’ll be celebrating the fact that you just completed the equivalent of a 10K!

Yes, you can do this.  Keep believing in yourself, and keep showing up, and you’ll be very proud of what you accomplish.


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