Three Cheers! Let’s Celebrate What You Already Accomplished.

Congratulations to each of you for coming out on Sunday for our first training session of the 2017-2018 season.  You already have three reasons to celebrate, three reasons to congratulate yourselves for what you accomplished.

1) You got up and showed up.  Just like in recovery and in life, when we set goals, we have to work hard each day to make them happen.  Getting up before dawn on Sunday can be daunting, but that didn’t stop you.  You got out of bed and out the door.  You took the first big step toward achieving your goal.

2) You chose to believe in yourself.  Even if you’re thinking “I’m not sure I can really do this”, you chose to believe that it’s possible.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to show up, right?! As I said on Sunday, perhaps today you can’t do a half or a full marathon today, and that’s okay.  If you stick with the training, you will.  On Sunday, we asked you to walk two miles, and you did it. 

3) You joined a supportive community: The journey between now and the day you cross the finish line will be challenging, but, like so many of life’s challenges, you can achieve success by enjoying the support of those around you who care.  And that’s us.  The coaches, the volunteers, and your teammates will all be there for you.  We will lift your spirits when the going gets tough, and celebrate with you as you enjoy your many successes on the way to your big goal.  Together we will succeed. 


-Coach Leslie