Making the Most of Your Marathon Experience


It’s almost here, the day you have spent months training for.  I encourage you to “be in the moment” for every moment of that special day.  There will be so much to absorb and appreciate. 

The crowd support will be amazing.  There will literally be thousands of people lining the streets.  People will have inspirational signs, funny signs, words of encouragement. Notice them. Read them.  Appreciate them.  My two favorites are “The only reason your feet hurt is because you’re kicking ass” and “Touch here for energy”.  When I’m hot and tired, I always tap those signs as I go by, smile at the person holding it, and actually feel recharged.  There will be places along the course with people waiting to give you a high five. You’ll feel great as you run past these people, and get a dozen or so high fives as total strangers cheer you on.  

If you’re walking/running with music, I would encourage you to take out one earbud, or lower the volume, from time to time.  Listen to the sounds of people cheering you on.  Enjoy the bands along the course, and  the music blaring from speakers that people have set up along the way.  Hear the thousands of footsteps of your fellow runners all working hard just like you.  Strike up a conversation with a random runner and share stories.  Be a part of the experience!

Take the time to enjoy the different vibes of the many neighborhoods you’ll be passing through – Chinatown, Thai Town, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and the Westside, to name a few. Notice the changes in the architecture, signs, scenery, and people.  You’ll be on a human powered tour of a world famous city, experiencing it with your whole body.

Remember, of course, to look inward too.  It will be tough, but you’ll be thinking “I know I can do this.  I have the power to keep going.  I take on challenges and I succeed.” Your body will be pumped with endorphins.  You’ll be out there with a natural high. With every step you will have more to be proud of.  You will be another step closer to achieving the goal you have worked so hard for.  

March 19, 2017 will be a day you’ll always remember!

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