Congratulations, and 10 answers to “Now what”?

 If your legs are sore, welcome to the club!  With each effort to walk up or down stairs, or get up from a chair, think of your legs telling you “We worked hard and you did an awesome job!”  Congratulations to each and every one of you.  You have an accomplishment you can be proud of for the rest of your life.  You worked hard.  You earned it.  You have proof that you can take on difficult challenges, and work hard week after week to achieve your goals.

So now, what?  I’m going to give you some physical as well as mental tips:

  1. Take it easy. Rest today.  Rest tomorrow.  When you’re ready to start back into running or walking, take it slowly.  Listen to your legs.
  2. Eat more protein for the next few days. Your muscles need it!
  3. A few extra glasses of water each day for the next few days will help your body get back into balance.
  4. Rebuild your glycogen stores with some extra good carbs for a day or two.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishment. Put your bib and/or medal some place where you’ll see it often.
  6. Thank those and remember those who helped you get there – your teammates, the volunteers, the BTS staff, your donors, those who came out to support you on race day. They all came together for you because you matter.
  7. Think about the meaning of what you accomplished. How much of training for the Marathon is just like preparing for sobriety and the rest of your life?
  8. Plan your next goal. Now that you know what you can accomplish, how do you want to harness that power to achieve your next goal? 
  9. Start looking forward to Marathon Shabbat. We’ll all come together again soon (date TBD) to celebrate our success, each other, and our teamwork, and to recognize those who made it possible.  It will be a day of great pride and memories.
  10. Consider joining the team again next year. You can be a role model of success and you can inspire others.


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