The Countdown Begins – What to Expect Over the Next 3 Weeks

A big high five to all of you who came out to do the distance today in the light rain. Felt good, didn’t it? To those of you who couldn’t make it, and/or didn’t do last week’s long run, please talk to Anna or me so we can customize a training plan for you for the rest of the season.

In order to be ready for Marathon Day, you need to be, in the words of renowned running coach Jack Daniels PhD, “peaked and well rested”. If you’ve been training consistently, you’ve peaked. You can all do the distance you’ve been training for. Now it’s time to start cutting back on the distance, maintaining your strength and conditioning, while giving your body time to rest and rebuild. It’s now time to start the “taper phase” of our training season.

Weekly mileage will get shorter. The Sunday run will be shorter next week for the Marathoners – 14 miles on March 5, and 8 miles the Sunday after that. Half Marathoners will hold at 10 miles for next Sunday, and cut back to 6 miles on the Sunday before the Marathon. The midweek runs during that last week will be much shorter, with no more speed/power workouts.

A few recommended action items:
1) If you will be starting from Dodger Stadium, get some warm throwaway clothes or a blanket at the BTS Thrift Store so you can stay warm as you wait for the marathon to begin.
2) Avoid injury. Roll, stretch, and do NOT run/walk through any pain. If you are experiencing any discomfort when you run or walk, please see Anna or make an appointment with Liddy Health & Fitness.
3) Eat extra protein. Your muscles have been working hard. Help them rebuild.

And most importantly, reflect on how far you’ve come in the last 5 months. You worked hard. You achieved a lot. And, you are just a few weeks away from achieving your big goal. It will be an experience that will prove to you that with hard work, self-discipline, and support from the people around you, you can achieve huge goals.

Go Team!!!

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