Four Noteworthy “News” that Happened Today

There was a lot of positivity that came out of today’s training, and I’d like to share that with each of you.


  • New Highs: With an 11 mile day for the half marathoners and 18 miles for the full marathoners, a lot of people hit new mileage highs. Think how far you’ve come since September when 4-5 miles seemed difficult.  If you can achieve this seemingly impossible goal, what else can you achieve in life when you put in the effort?!


  • New Insights: Several people made comments to me about what they were learning about their running and how they had improved. While I can give all sorts of general advice about what to eat, when to drink, how fast to go, etc., only you know what works best for you. And, you can only learn that through trial and error. So many of you are doing that.  I heard several comments about how people were experimenting and realizing that what they had eaten or drank helped, what they thought they needed to do more of, that they had figured out how to carry what they needed, that they were getting better at pacing themselves, and/or that they were willing to take it easy because they were starting to feel pain and contact Liddy Health & Fitness for additional injury prevention guidance .  You’re getting better at listening to your bodies, taking care of them, and figuring out how to do your best.  Awesome!


  • New Faces: We had some new volunteers as well as new team members join us today.  Welcome!!!  We’re so glad you joined us and we look forward to your continued participation.  Whether you are handing out drinks and snacks, or running/walking with us, you are adding to the team spirit and a feeling of camaraderie.  It means a lot, especially as our distances get longer. Thanks.


  • New Midweek Training Schedule: Joel, one of our newest team members, volunteered to lead mid-week runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 pm, and Amy will be part of the Tuesday run as well.  If that’s a time that works for you, please consider joining these group training sessions.  As our distances get longer, midweek training gets more important.  Your cardiovascular system can adjust quickly to increasing distance, but your joints and muscles need more time. Regular midweek training is necessary for pain-free and injury-free long Sunday distances.  We want to see each of you make it to Marathon Day and finish strong.


Thanks to each of you for your hard work and support for each other.



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