When Life Hits You with the Unexpected, or a Rainy Sunday

Saturday evening’s forecast for Sunday wasn’t looking like running weather, unless you have really good rain gear or just aren’t bothered by being wet and cold.  So, we cancelled Sunday’s training.  This late in the season, it’s not a good idea to miss a long run; but just like the rest of life, things don’t always go the way you hope.


Does that stop us?  No!!!  We can tackle the challenge immediately in front of us; or we can find an alternate way to achieve our goals.  Both are great options.  Which one are you choosing?


For those of you who ran on your own in the rain anyway today, good for you.  I hope you were dressed well enough for the experience to be comfortable and pleasant.  I put on a warm hat, wore rain gear over my shorts and team shirt, and headed out the door.  Because the jacket has zippers along the sides to allow ventilation, I wasn’t too sweaty under my jacket.  Unfortunately, my rain pants don’t have those zippers, so my legs did feel wet.  However, not a drop of cold rain got through, and I was comfortably warm as long as I was moving.  It was actually quite invigorating and I enjoyed seeing other runners out there in the rain.  I’m glad to know that if the forecast is for rain on Marathon Day, I’ll be ready for it, and that I can give you some tips that are based on real world experience.


For those of you who didn’t venture out in the storm, I recommend some changes to the midweek training plan.  If you have the time on Monday to do the full distance (10 for half marathoners, 15 for full marathoners), go for it.  Make Tuesday a rest day; and scale back the distance on the threshold run for Wednesday.  If you don’t have the time on Monday for the full distance, try to do a run that is a challenge in the time you do have available.  Include a few miles at a faster pace and/or add some short fast sprints.  Then, see above for Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep up the midweek training; challenge yourself; and you’ll stay strong.


I missed you all this morning, and I look forward to seeing you all at next Sunday’s training.



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