Time for Reflection, and a Helpful Checklist

Think back to where you were with your training back in September.  If I had told you then that by early January, you half marathoners would think 9 miles was easy and you full marathoners would consider 12 to be a break after last week’s 16; would you have believed me?  I believed in each of you back then, I believe in each you now, and I hope you all believe in yourself now as well.  You can all do this!  Next Sunday, we’ll be setting new mileage goals for each group – 10 miles for the half marathoners and 15 for the full as prep for 18 the following Sunday.  So, here is a checklist to help you prepare and finish strong. 


This week

  • Please do some mid-week training. A recommended schedule is on the website as well as in the newsletter; but even if you can’t do all that, please get out there a few times and at least do something.


Saturday Night

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Put a protein bar, Muscle Milk, or some other protein/carb snack in your car/sweatshirt pocket/running belt or wherever you can get to it as soon as you finish the workout on Sunday


Sunday Morning

  • Eat a “good carbs” breakfast and have a drink of water


During the Run/Walk

  • Stay well hydrated. Eat and drink at each of the stops.
  • Do the first mile slowly, and finish with a cool-down mile



  • Stretch
  • Refuel and rehydrate
  • Congratulate yourself for a job well done!




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