14 Miles Under the Stars

The holiday season is behind us, so if your training schedule has been a bit chaotic lately, the time has come for you to get back to your routine.  We’re offering something new to make that transition even more fun, another opportunity to enjoy the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of being active and working toward a challenging goal.

We are bringing back a much enjoyed tradition of Marathon Teams past, The Night Walk.  Led by David Wiss, our team nutritionist and Beit T’Shuvah alumnus,  our first of two night walks will be this Saturday evening.  We’ll meet at the Hermosa Beach Pier and do a one way team walk to the Santa Monica Pier.  Yes, there will still be a training run on Sunday morning, 16 miles for full marathoners and 9 for the half marathoners, all on the course.  Feel free to do one or the other, or both.   I will be out there for both, and hope to see you all twice this weekend.

The Marathon is less than 11 weeks away! Let’s all start the year off strong.


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