What Does Your Team Shirt Really Say?

What Do You Run For?  Running For Recovery. The simple question and answer on our team shirts says a lot about who we are, what we do, and how we make a difference; and it starts the conversations that inspire and educate, and maybe even change lives.

People coming up behind me have actually stopped me to ask me what I run for, and I am always proud to tell them.  I tell them stories about people who had hit bottom, came to BTS, and are now living productive happy lives.  I tell them about the people currently on the team who are in recovery and are not only changing their own lives but are inspiring their teammates and raising money to help those who will come after them.  I tell them about the alums who come back and keep running with the team as a way to stay sober and give back.  And I tell them about those who are not in recovery yet are here because they want to make a difference.  We are all part of something big, part of an effort that changes lives.  How many of those people who stopped me are battling addiction, know someone who is, or may simply want to help?  I’ll never know, but I assure you the answer isn’t zero.  Because I wore the shirt, I had an opportunity to send a message that can help others.

The shirt sends a message to you too.  The shirt says you are committed to a goal, and you are out there working toward it.  The shirt reminds you that you are part of this year’s team, as well as the teams that have come before you and those who will come after you.  The shirt says you are willing to inspire others, to be part of a caring community, and do your part to change lives. The shirt says you have something to be very proud of.

Starting right after the 10K / Half Marathon, we’ll be out there on the course every Sunday.  Every Sunday through March 19th, you’ll have an opportunity to be seen by many. I encourage each of you to wear your shirts to the 10K/Half Marathon, and every Sunday through Marathon Day.  (After is good too!)

Get noticed.  Send a message to others.  Celebrate what you do.  Feel proud!


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