Now It’s Time to Take on “The Course”

First of all, I hope that each of you who completed the 10K/Half Marathon is especially proud of the milestone you just achieved. That’s huge!!!

So, what’s next?  For the past three months, we’ve focused on several elements of training – tackling challenging hills, gradually increasing our distance, and exploring the beaches and trails.  I hope that each of you is feeling confident in your capabilities as you were enjoying the scenery.

Now it’s time to “study”. It’s time to learn the course so you’ll know what to expect on Marathon Day and how to plan for it.  Each Sunday, we’ll train on a different section of the course; and if you show up to every training, you will have done each segment of the course at least three times. You’ll know where the uphills and downhills start and end, and through trial and error, you’ll figure out how to pace yourself and what nutrition/hydration plan works best for you.

You’ll also get a grand tour of LA.  Over the next three months, we’ll run through Downtown, past the lake at Echo Park, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, past Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, past the halfway point where half marathoners start or finish, through West Hollywood, down Rodeo Drive, through Century City and West LA, and all the way into Santa Monica to the Pier, crossing the Finish Line.  We’ll pass all sorts of landmarks and through a wide mix of neighborhoods, as we cover the entire 26.2 miles of the course –  one segment at a time.

Keep on training, and on Marathon Day, you will feel well prepared!


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