Five Successes to Celebrate

As we are nearing the halfway point in our training, now is a great time to reflect on all that you have accomplished in the past 3 months.  I looked back at the surveys you filled out at the beginning of the season on which many of you listed your goals.  You are accomplishing them:

  1. Recovery: You’re still here.  You’re still sober.  You are learning to, and I quote a teammate from a prior year, enjoy the “high au naturel”.
  2. Get in Shape/Improve Fitness: Remember back in early September when 2-3 miles seemed like a lot?  Now that’s often shorter than the distance to the first water/Gatorade stop.  If you’ve been showing up most Sundays and doing most of the midweek training, you’ve already covered well over 100 miles, and some of you have done more than 150.   Your heart is stronger, your lungs have more capacity, your joints are tougher, and your muscles are growing.
  3. Inspire Others: Every time you get up and show up, and do the miles, you are being a role model. Your effort and your participation keep others motivated. You’re part of team that is inspiring not only those you run/walk with this season, but also inspiring those who will come after you.
  4. Give Back: You’re fundraising to help those who couldn’t otherwise afford treatment. You are helping people overcome their addictions and become the person they want to be.
  5. Prove to Yourself You Can Do It: Half Marathoners – you’ve done 6-7 miles so many times, I bet it doesn’t even seem hard to you any more.  The 10K will be a breeze. Full Marathoners – you are building miles every week, and learning to pace yourselves.  Each and every one of you is ready for the half marathon.  You are all proving to yourself that you can achieve a challenging goal.

I am proud of each and every one of you.  You are working hard; you are accomplishing your goals; and you have achieved successes that will always stay with you.


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