The Blessing of Things Going Less Than Smoothly

One of my favorite quotes, and one I try to live by is “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.”  In the real world, it would be nice if everything went smoothly all the time. But it doesn’t.  So, the question is: How will we respond? Will we look for the positive?  How can we use the negatives as a learning experience?

For this Sunday’s run, it would have been great if we had all been familiar with the route and had all found each of the water stops easily.  But that didn’t happen. Rather than do the same routes over and over each year, Anna and I decided to try something new.  Just like in other aspects of life, when you try something new, there are often some bumps along the way; and today was no different.  But let’s look at the bright side.  Those of us at the front of the pack worked together to figure out exactly where the start of the trail was, and we were successful.  When we realized there was some confusion around the location of the turnaround point water stop, we helped each other find it, and we provided extra instruction to ensure that the people who followed got on the correct route heading back.  We worked together as a team to solve problems and support each other.  People complained, and to that I say “thank you”.  I am happy that people felt comfortable enough to share their concerns and give us the feedback we need to make changes and do better next time.

What did go smoothly, as it has every week, is the support of our volunteers and their positive attitude.  We couldn’t do this without you.  And, Amy, thanks again for a great stretching / cool down class.

So to each of you, I say thank you for your willingness to try new things, to voice your opinion, to work together as a team, and to offer your support.   I am grateful for all that you did.


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