How will you enjoy the journey?

I hope each of you enjoyed the beach route this morning.  Toward the latter part of the season, our routes will be along various segments of the Marathon course so you can familiarize yourselves with the route; but for the first half of the season, we’ll select training routes that give you the opportunity to enjoy what nature has to offer without worrying about traffic. We’ll do more beach runs, and some trails as well. What I hope is that as you train, you are not only thinking about crossing the finish line and achieving your goals, but also enjoying the process of getting there.

While you can certainly spend some time thinking “this is really hard” or “how much longer until it’s over” (we all do that), I would encourage you to simply acknowledge those thoughts, and then move on to something more positive. You can make an effort to experience the run with as many senses as possible.  Take a look at the landscape, feel the breeze, listen to the surf or the birds, smell the trees or the ocean.  You can enjoy the quiet time to look inside and ponder your thoughts, using the time as your “moving meditation”.  You can also use it as a time to connect with your teammates.  You can do any combination of the three, or you can create your own positive experience.

It’s your journey.  You get to choose how you enjoy it.


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