The 2016-17 Season is Off to a Great Start!

Welcome to the residents, alumni, staff and community members who all showed up for our first training; and a welcome to those of you who couldn’t make it yesterday but were there in spirit and will be joining us in the weeks to come. Your presence adds to the team spirit.  I look forward to seeing you celebrating each other’s successes and encouraging each other when the going gets tough.

Also, thanks to each of who completed the survey. Yes, I read all 50 of them. There was a wide range of goals which included: improving your physical health, enjoying a variety of mental benefits, finishing or finishing with a certain time, being part of a team, giving back, inspiring others, and so much more.  Throughout the season, we’ll do our best to help you achieve each of those goals, and we look forward to hearing your stories about the many small successes on your journey to accomplishing the big goals.

I hope each of you is thinking every day about WHY you are part of the Marathon Team. What does it mean to you?  How will it feel on the day you achieve your goals?  How will you feel every time you think back on what you achieved?

Motivation to do your best comes from inside.   Each and every one of you has the inner strength to do this!!!

I look forward to seeing each of you next Sunday.


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