Inspirational Messages from Last Year’s Team

On the night before the 2016 LA Marathon, we gathered together for our team dinner.  People were pumped. They knew they had worked hard all season; and they knew they could finish.  They had already done long distances; they had already gone further than they had once thought possible.  And they knew they could do it again.

And so I said to them:  “At the beginning of next season, many team members won’t believe they will be able to finish a half or a full marathon.  What would you like to them about how you felt at the beginning of the season vs. how you feel about yourself and your capabilities now?”  Here are some of their messages to you:

“I didn’t think I could do it.  And it was very difficult at times.  I think the thing to do is just keep training, which is where the team comes into being crucial.”

“Even though I thought I could do a full marathon and downgraded to a half, I’m still incredibly proud and excited.  A year ago I wanted to die – now I get to celebrate with Los Angeles and all my new family.”

“I’ve never been a runner.  I thought running a marathon would be impossible.  And here I am.  Just stick with the training.  Believe in yourself and anything is possible.”

“They need to know how mental it is.  They can do it if they are willing to try.”

Every member of last year’s team that started the Marathon that day crossed the finish line.  With hard work and perseverance, with the support of your team, you will too!!!


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