Inspirational Messages from Last Year’s Team

On the night before the 2016 LA Marathon, we gathered together for our team dinner.  People were pumped. They knew they had worked hard all season; and they knew they could finish.  They had already done long distances; they had already gone further than they had once thought possible.  And they knew they could do it again.

And so I said to them:  “At the beginning of next season, many team members won’t believe they will be able to finish a half or a full marathon.  What would you like to them about how you felt at the beginning of the season vs. how you feel about yourself and your capabilities now?”  Here are some of their messages to you:

“I didn’t think I could do it.  And it was very difficult at times.  I think the thing to do is just keep training, which is where the team comes into being crucial.”

“Even though I thought I could do a full marathon and downgraded to a half, I’m still incredibly proud and excited.  A year ago I wanted to die – now I get to celebrate with Los Angeles and all my new family.”

“I’ve never been a runner.  I thought running a marathon would be impossible.  And here I am.  Just stick with the training.  Believe in yourself and anything is possible.”

“They need to know how mental it is.  They can do it if they are willing to try.”

Every member of last year’s team that started the Marathon that day crossed the finish line.  With hard work and perseverance, with the support of your team, you will too!!!


Where Will You Be on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm?

Hint: The answer I’m looking for is “in Amy’s class”.

As part of our effort to prevent injuries and enable you to finish strong, Beit T’Shuvah’s Mind & Body Institute will be offering classes every Tuesday at 3:00 on the patio.  These sessions are open to residents, staff, and community members. Amy will lead you through stretching and strengthening exercises. If you’re not a resident, please bring your own mat to be sure we have enough for everyone.  Please call to confirm in case times/days change.

Even if you’re thinking, “I felt fine on the run/walk on Sunday.  I don’t need that.”,  I would encourage you to go anyway. We are going to be putting in a lot of miles over the next six months, and if your core and leg muscles are weak, tight, out of balance, or in any other sub-optimal condition, you are putting yourself at significantly increased risk of injury. Those little problems that you may not even notice now will become big problems that can’t be ignored.

This is my fifth year on the team, and I’ve watched people blow off this and other advice year after year, and within about 2 months, most of them are injured.  So, all I can say is even if you can’t attend these classes on a regular basis, I encourage you to take the stretching and strengthening seriously. We have lots of information under the “Training Tips” menu on our team website:  Please check it out.

Okay, I’m done lecturing.  🙂

I look forward to seeing each of you next Sunday feeling strong and ready to do your best.


The 2016-17 Season is Off to a Great Start!

Welcome to the residents, alumni, staff and community members who all showed up for our first training; and a welcome to those of you who couldn’t make it yesterday but were there in spirit and will be joining us in the weeks to come. Your presence adds to the team spirit.  I look forward to seeing you celebrating each other’s successes and encouraging each other when the going gets tough.

Also, thanks to each of who completed the survey. Yes, I read all 50 of them. There was a wide range of goals which included: improving your physical health, enjoying a variety of mental benefits, finishing or finishing with a certain time, being part of a team, giving back, inspiring others, and so much more.  Throughout the season, we’ll do our best to help you achieve each of those goals, and we look forward to hearing your stories about the many small successes on your journey to accomplishing the big goals.

I hope each of you is thinking every day about WHY you are part of the Marathon Team. What does it mean to you?  How will it feel on the day you achieve your goals?  How will you feel every time you think back on what you achieved?

Motivation to do your best comes from inside.   Each and every one of you has the inner strength to do this!!!

I look forward to seeing each of you next Sunday.