Six Reasons Why Today’s Run Was So Awesome

Today’s soggy weather showed us what we’re made of, and it was all good! Here are six reasons I am proud of everyone who showed up and grateful to be part of this community:

  1. Our loyal and consistent group of volunteers, along with Robin and Nicole, cheerfully stood out there in the rain making sure we were well hydrated on the inside too.
  2. Our group of volunteers included injured and sick runners who chose to come out in the rain even though they couldn’t run.
  3. Despite 2 recent hospitalizations that took away much of his strength, Jeremy pushed himself through all 12 miles.
  4. We had a first time walker out there who wasn’t deterred by the less than ideal conditions
  5. Ze’ev and Joey braved the rain to offer us shelter and free recovery drinks
  6. Every runner and walker I passed had a great attitude, and everyone I saw finish was still smiling!

Thanks to everyone for making this such a positive experience!


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