Congratulations on your “only”!

I was so happy to hear several of you comment on how good it felt to think that Sunday’s run was “ONLY” 14 miles for the full marathoners and 6 ½ for the half marathoners.  Would you have ever used that word before those distances back in September?!

Look how far you’ve come in just a few months.  If you can accomplish that much in just a few months, think what other huge goals you can achieve with a similar amount of discipline and hard work.  Congratulations to each of you.


It’s a 10K with a 20 mile warmup

Marathoners, congratulations on your longest day so far.   Looking back on where you were back in September, can you believe you just did 20 miles?!  Wow!!!

So, now the harder question.  Did you finish today’s route and think “I am full of energy, nothing hurts, and I could run another 6.2 miles”?  If the answer to any of that question is [inappropriate language deleted] or just “no”, please think carefully about what you did to prepare for today’s run, and what you can do differently.  Here are some reminders:

  • Train during the week, not so hard that you aren’t well rested before a long run, but enough that the long run won’t be a shock to your body.
  • Stretch and use the foam roller during the week to ensure your muscles aren’t tight.
  • Carbo load and hydrate well on Saturday.
  • Get a good night’s sleep on Saturday night.
  • Eat a high carb breakfast on Sunday.
  • Start the run Sunday at slower than your normal pace, and continue at this easier pace for 2-3 miles.
  • Have at least several ounces of water every few miles.
  • Have your first GU about an hour or so into the run, and then roughly every 30-40 minutes after that.
  • If anything hurts, think very carefully about continuing to run. Better to take it easy during training and not get injured/re-injured so you’ll be at your best on Marathon Day.
  • Have protein, carbs, electrolytes and water as soon as you can after you finish.

We have our last long run in two weeks, another 20 miler on 1/24/16, and then we start tapering. So, you’ve got one more chance to tweak your preparation routine and learn what works best for you.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.



Some tips on preparing for LONG runs

Another Sunday with lots of miles and a sense of accomplishment. Excellent.

Marathoners, today’s 18 miles was an opportunity to think about what went right, and what didn’t feel so good, so you can make the changes you need and test them next week and beyond, with plenty of time to get it just right on Marathon Day.  If you finished strong, with so much energy that you could go another 8.2 miles, great.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  If not, here are a few things to ask yourself:

  • Did you carbo load on Saturday? That doesn’t mean stuff your face at dinner, but rather eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains throughout the day.  These are all examples of “good carbs”.
  • Did you eat a breakfast of good carbs at least an hour before the run?
  • Did you arrive well hydrated? If your urine is light yellow, the answer is yes.
  • Did you have your first GU somewhere around 5-8 miles, and then more, at the rate of about one every 30 minutes?
  • Did you stay well hydrated? People’s hydration needs vary widely, and drinking too much can be just as dangerous as not enough, so I am hesitant to provide a very specific number.  Something in the range of 4-8 ounces every 20 minutes should work for most people.

The answer to each of these questions should be yes.  If you answered no to any of them, you know where you need to make adjustments.


Post-Recovery Tip: Chocolate Milk

Did you know that chocolate milk is one of the best post-recovery drinks?  And, there’s lots of science behind that.  Check out this article. This Sunday’s run for our marathoners will be our longest yet, and later this month, the runs will get even longer.  Your leg muscles will be working hard. Help them recover quickly.  Between now and Sunday, please get yourself some chocolate milk, and on Sunday morning, stash it in your car to drink as soon after you finish as possible.  Your legs will thank you.

Start your new year off right!  Happy new year to all.  Go Team!