Thanks to all of our team members who braved the cold today!

Did you know that according to recent research, the world’s top marathoners perform at their best when the temperature is in the mid-40s? We may not be the world’s fastest runners, but we are great at working hard to help ourselves, supporting each other and Beit T’Shuvah, and being role models to those around us.

Thanks to all of you who came out to run this morning, even though it was our coldest training day this season.  To those of you who were out of town, we hope you were running with us in spirit.  And to those of you who chose to stay in bed, we hope you’ll join us next week.

And thanks as always to our volunteers.  We always look forward to your smiling faces as we push ourselves from one snack stop to the next.


Congratulations and now it’s time to reflect

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who finished the half marathon, and especially to those of you who finished their first one or PR’ed. This was a great opportunity to practice for the LA Marathon, so I would encourage each of you to reflect on what you did well and what you want to work on. Did you start at the right pace? Were you able to finish strong? Did you eat appropriately before the race, and did you fuel enough during the event? Were you well hydrated? Did you warm up and and cool down enough so that you’re only a little sore today? Did you get some protein into you shortly after finishing so your muscles could start rebuilding? And most importantly – are you proud of yourself and psyched for Feb 14?!

Preparing for the hills during the Holiday Half

Holiday Half elevation

Above is the elevation profile for the Holiday Half.  As you can see, the course starts with a gentle downhill.  I suggest you take it easy during that mile, so you’ll be ready for the challenging uphill around Mile 3.  As you can see, the second half of the course is pretty hilly, which I remember as harder than those squiggly lines may suggest.  If you hold your reasonable pace and save your strength for this tough section of the course, you’ll have lots of energy left when the course flattens out toward the end, and you’ll finish strong.  This is actually harder, mile per mile, than the LA Marathon, so when you conquer this, you’ll have achieved a major milestone in preparing for the big day.


Go Team!