Thinking about staying in bed on Sunday is okay, but…..

I want to share an inspiring story I heard this morning, because it’s about an internal conversation we probably have all had and the choices we considered afterward.

One runner told me that he opened his eyes this morning, pondered the list of excuses as to why he shouldn’t run, and decided those seemed like some pretty good reasons to stay in bed. But, then he asked himself “Who would I be cheating?” Knowing the answer, he inspired himself to get up and show up.  This morning, he ran the furthest he’s ever run; and he felt great about his decision and about his accomplishment.  Yup, getting out of bed early on Sunday morning doesn’t always feel good; but looking back at what you achieved by doing it anyway does feel awesome.

Next time you’re considering staying in bed, I hope you’ll ask yourself the same question, make the right choice, and come out to not only help yourself but to also support your team. Your presence makes a difference. You matter.

Go Team!

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