“Love that shirt”

“Love that shirt” a man shouted as he passed me running in the other direction this morning on the beach bike path.  Then he turned and said “great message”. I turned, gave him a big thumbs up and thought “yup, we are all out there running for a great cause”.  We are changing lives; we are supporting each other; and we are helping others change their lives.  People who don’t even know us can learn a lot about who we are just by reading those three important words “Running 4 Recovery”. By wearing your team shirts to every training run, you not only help share our message and educate others about our cause, you also help your teammates by showing that we all share a common goal.

We are a running community, and we are proud of what we run for.  To each of you who has been wearing the team shirt, thank you; and to each of you who will be wearing the shirts from now on, thanks in advance.  Go Team!

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