How many “firsts” will you achieve?

As one of our teammates finished this morning, he approached me with a huge smile and announced “Today was the first time I ever ran 10 miles!”  Congratulations!!!   Yes, if you stick with it, and this is your first year on the team, you will keep going further than you have before and you’ll have an opportunity to be proud of yourself each and every week.  Not only will you achieve new distances, you will have the opportunity to achieve new “firsts” in your personal life as you continue on the journey to Marathon Day.  Team members from prior years have told me it was the first time they felt like they were part of something big, the first time they believed they could really accomplish a huge goal, the first time they committed to something, etc.

If you are a returning runner, I encourage you to achieve a “first” as well.  Make this the first time you helped someone in the early stages of recovery achieve their goal, or the first time you helped in a new way. Consider introducing yourself to someone new before or after the run, running with people you haven’t talked to before, offering to lead a pace group, sharing a success story, or being inspiring in whatever other way works best for you.

Together as a team we can all inspire each other.  What will your “first” be?

Go Team!

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