Gravity is your friend

This Sunday, last Sunday, and on several future Sundays, our training route will include the last miles of the Marathon course. As you may have noticed, the downhill starts at 24th Street and continues all the way to Ocean Boulevard.  For those of you doing the full marathon, or the second half of the Marathon Relay, remember this!  You’ll be happy on Marathon Day that you know exactly when the last uphill ends.

When you get to this downhill, or any other downhill for that matter, LEAN FORWARD A BIT, and let gravity help you out. You’ll speed up without even trying.  I would also encourage you to think about some other elements of smooth efficient running.   Make sure your arms are swinging at your sides rather than across your chest; keep your shoulders and hands relaxed; hit the ground with the ball of your foot first (not your toes or heels); and if you have a watch or a timer on your phone, check that your cadence is close to 180.  That’s 45 foot steps every 15 seconds.   With these minor adjustments, you’ll be running faster with less effort.  You’ll feel great!

Go Team!


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