You are part of something big!

As I sat in Rosh Hashana services this morning, I looked around at the crowd who had gathered.  Some were good friends I’ve known for years; others were acquaintances; and many others were complete strangers.  We were a diverse group of familiar and unfamiliar faces, people with many different stories and reasons for being in services; but we were all connected by a common bond. And our synagogue community was part of a much larger Jewish community, also sharing this common bond.  This sense of community and connectedness, this special bond, is something I cherish each time I go to services.  And then I thought “That’s part of what the Marathon Team is about too. Now I know what to write about in this week’s message to the team.”

Every week, we come together:  runners and walkers, residents alumni and community members, athletes and novices, people from all sorts of backgrounds.  We all have our own reasons for wanting to cross that finish line, but we all share a common goal.  When each of us comes out on Sunday, we each contribute to that sense of community for our teammates; and we can embrace the support that others provide for us.  We will work together over the next five months to achieve our goal, knowing that there are literally thousands of others training for that same goal.  On February 14, you will be surrounded by over 25,000 runners; the crowd support from the thousands lining the streets will be amazing; and the outpouring of encouragement you’ll get when you pass the BTS booth at Mile 19 will be so uplifting.

Next Sunday, and every Sunday until Marathon day,  I encourage you to look around at your Marathon community, and feel part of something big.  Know that as you are taking on this challenge to help yourself, you are also making a difference in the lives of all those who feel supported by your presence.  Thank you.

Shana Tovah.

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