Yoga is a great way to improve your running or walking

The strength and flexibility you develop on the mat–namely in the core, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors–can help you run more efficiently and stay injury-free, says Adam St. Pierre, a coach, biomechanist, and exercise physiologist for the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. We are very fortunate that Ashika so kindly volunteered her time to conduct post-run yoga sessions. As a certified yoga instructor, and a trainer for aspiring instructors, she has lots of valuable expertise to share and she made the class fun.  Thanks so much!  This was the first session, and we look forward to more.

Not only does yoga provide physical benefits, a team yoga class is also a great way to connect with your teammates, share stories, and encourage each other. As I was down on the grass this morning, one runner told me he had a pain behind his knee.  I’m glad I heard about that because it was an opportunity for me to encourage him to get to Liddy Health & Fitness before it gets any worse and sidelines his running. If you feel sharp pains anywhere, I encourage you to do the same.   Another runner told me that today was his furthest run.  He surprised himself by how well he did, and I feel honored that I got to hear about this success.  I told him, and I will say the same to each of you:  keep it up and you’ll find yourself being very proud of your accomplishments as well.  And as you reach these personal milestones, I hope you too will share them with me.

Go Team!

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