Getting up early for the next 25 Sundays is worth it!

Sunday will be our first run.  To those of you who are returning, hurray and welcome back!  To all of you who are new, and especially to those who are wondering if you really want to get up early on Sunday morning to do this, that’s up to you.  Finishing a marathon is a huge accomplishment that can be life changing.  You don’t have to believe me.  Go to the Testimonials page on this website and read what your teammates from prior years had to say.  Each of them chose to share their experiences as a way to support the new runners.  It was one way they each chose to pay it forward.

You each need a reason to tackle this huge challenge, and you will find that reason by looking inside yourself.  That will be what makes you get out of bed on Sunday morning. There will be mornings when you’ll really want to stay in bed, and that’s okay.  (Did she actually just say that?!)  Yes, it’s okay to want to stay in bed; but it’s not helpful to actually do it!  Starting this Sunday, think long term. Think about what finishing the marathon will mean to you.  Get yourself out of bed and come to the team runs.  We coaches will do everything we can to support you, and you’ll have the whole team’s support as well.

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