Congratulations on taking the first step! Now what?

Today was an awesome start of our new season, with the biggest group we’ve ever had on a team run.  Thanks to each of you for coming out.  Not only are you helping yourself, you are helping support everyone else on the team.  You each took a huge first step toward accomplishing a life-changing goal, and as you make that journey toward the finish line, you will see changes in yourself that you will be so proud of.

So what’s the next step?

Set aside a few times to get out there and get moving during the week.  Notice I didn’t say “get out there and run?”  In fact, unless you have been running routinely, we would encourage you NOT to run much this week. Your joints, muscles and cardiovascular system have a lot to get used to.  Go easy on them!  Midweek runs will come later.  At the beginning of the season, ignore any urges to get out and run fast. Save all that energy and enthusiasm for later when your body is ready for it.  Instead, go for a walk a few days this week and think about how you can best fit midweek training into your schedule for the next 5 1/2 months.

The goal at the beginning of the season is to make a commitment to yourself. You all did that by showing up today. Excellent!!!  Keep it up by going for a walk a few times this week, and coming back next Sunday.  We look forward to seeing each of you out there.




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