My last bit of advice before the big day

As I’m sure you’ve observed, I am not a big fan of running with headphones on.  I could try to convince you of the benefits of running without them on Sunday, but I know that’s not going to fly.  So, let me suggest instead that you either turn the music down low, or run with just one earbud in.  I encourage you not to miss the opportunity to fully take in the sounds and the energy of the crowd.  If prior years are a predictor of the crowd support we’ll have on Sunday, it will be amazing.  Enjoy it to the max.

There will be people lining the entire course, supporting you in so many ways.  The Japanese drummers will power you up the hill at the Disney Concert Hall, a long line of Dream Center folks will cheer you on in Echo Park, drag queens will welcome you to West Hollywood,  hundreds of cheerleaders will be shouting and jumping as you run through Cheer Alley near Mile 18, the BTS booth is at Mile 19, and the crowds along Ocean Boulevard will be huge.  You’ll feel  like a rockstar as you run those last yards to the finish line. There will also be dozens of bands all along the course, and regular people who  blast their stereos.   You will  also see all sorts of  inspirational signs.  Some of my favorites from prior years include “the only reason your feet hurt is because you are kicking ass”, “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon”, “I don’t know you, but you inspire me”, and, at mile 20, “Humpty Dumpty had wall issues too.”  (That last one wasn’t particularly inspiring, but it made me laugh, and I sure needed a good laugh by then.) And, if you are ever feeling low on energy, run over to the side with your hand up.  People will give you high fives, and many will call you by name, assuming that’s what’s on your bib.  It will be incredibly uplifting.

You all worked so hard to get here.  Have an incredible day that you will always remember.

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