How we will spend our last 4 Sundays before the Marathon

The Marathon is just 5 weeks away, so what you do to prepare over the next few weeks is very important.  Next Sunday, the plan is to run 20 miles.  We’ll do another 20 mile run the following Sunday, Feb 22; and then we’ll start tapering.  The runs on March 1 and March 8 will be much shorter, as will the weekday runs, so your body can rest and be ready for the big day.

If you are worrying about doing 20 miles, that’s normal.  But remember a few things.  If you’ve been training consistently with us, you are strong enough to do it. Also, it’s at least 50% mental.  If you want to think of the route as a series of shorter runs from water stop to water stop, go for it.  If you will be encouraged by the fact the course is a net downhill, with a long gradual downhill for the last few miles, visualize yourself cruising down those hills.  If you want to use the time to think about how you can apply the lessons learned from all this hard work to other parts of your life, and how you will be more successful in achieving your goals as a result, go ahead and enjoy those insights.

If you scroll down through the recent blog posts, you’ll see information that Craig and I pulled together to help you prepare for those long runs and recovery properly.  I strongly encourage you to take these suggestions to heart so you will feel your best.

Also, please remember to give a special shout out to the volunteers staffing our water/snack stations.  We couldn’t do this without them.

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