The Second Trimester Has Begun

Before I tell you about what’s coming for our second trimester, I’d like to publicly thank Nicole for the team breakfast at her place this Sunday.  It was such a nice treat to enjoy an optimal,  post-run breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, muffins yogurt, fruit, granola, and more, while relaxing and unwinding together.

As Craig said on Sunday, we have now begun the “second trimester” in our marathon preparation.  For the last 3 1/2 months, we’ve been focusing on building a solid base, getting lots of miles in and getting your body accustomed to running.  During the next two months, the emphasis will be on gradually adding mileage, with an occasional shorter run to give your body adequate recovery time so you can come back strong for an even longer run the following weekend.  For example, we did 14 mile runs the last two weekends; next weekend will be 12; and then following weekend will be 16.  Our longest run before the marathon will be about 20, as we approach the end of February.  Then, we’ll start your third and final trimester – tapering and mental preparation.  More about that next month.

For this phase, I urge you to listen closely to what your body is telling you. The most common messages your body is likely send you are either “stop running” or “please feed me”.  If you are having pains anywhere, please tell me or Craig.  Don’t try to “run through the pain”.  “No pain, no gain” applies to mental toughness and challenging yourself, it’s not a recommendation to ignore the warning signs of an injury that could sideline you.  The pains may be something we can help you address through proper strengthening, stretching, rolling, changes in your  midweek training or simply taking a break; or we may recommend medical attention.  You have all worked so hard to come as far as you have, so please let us help you take care of yourself so you can cross that finish line.

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