If you missed a few runs during the holidays…..

This post is directed to those of you who missed a few runs during the winter holidays and/or because of the rain (we ran anyway and it was fun) , and to those of you who are friends with those who we haven’t seen at the workouts lately.

If you are worried that you fell behind in your training, well, you did.  But so what.  You didn’t fall so far behind that you can’t achieve your goal.  The Marathon is still 9 weeks away.  That’s plenty of time to train.

Life is full of setbacks.  What’s important about each setback is what you do next.  Do you quit because you fell a little behind or got off track from your goal, or do you use it as motivation to come back stronger and more focused? Sometimes it’s hard to get started again, but that’s why you’ve got a whole team out to support you.  Come rejoin us.  We’ll be there to cheer you on. And to those of you who can personally reach out to your friends who haven’t shown up lately, please do. Your kind words can make the difference as to whether someone comes back or not.


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