Cold weather running tips

Congratulations to all you hearty souls who came out to run this morning in 45 degree weather and overcast skies.  It’s refreshing if you are dressed properly; it’s miserable if you’re not.   Most likely, we’ll have a few more Sunday mornings that start off this cold, or even colder, so here are a few tips.

1) Wear a hat or headband: Not only will it keep your head warm, it’s also a very easy layer to take off and carry as the temperature starts to rise.

2) Wear gloves:  No point running with cold hands.  It’s not very comfortable, and it’s tough to tear open a GU or unscrew a water bottle with cold stiff fingers.  If you’d rather not wear gloves, consider wearing a long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt with sleeves that are long enough for you to easily pull your hands inside.

3) Think twice before you choose to wear tights under your shorts:  That’s a great idea if you expect it to stay cold throughout the run.  On the other hand, if it’s likely to warm up quickly (the temperature can easily go up 10 degrees or more as the sun gets higher in the sky during our early morning runs), you may soon be uncomfortably warm, and it’s not always easy to find a place to take those tights off.  Instead, consider toughing out those first few miles with cold bare legs, and extra layers on your upper body.  Once you get going, unless it’s really cold, your legs will warm up quickly.

4) Consider wearing a long sleeved shirt under your Running4Recovery team shirt.  Yes, for us girls taking that layer off isn’t simple, but on the other hand, if you wear a sweatshirt over your team shirt, you’ll miss an opportunity to publicize the team.  So, if it’s going to stay cold, I encourage you to wear the warm extra layer under your team shirt; but if it’s likely to warm up, wear a sweatshirt for the first few miles.  You can always tie it around your waist later, or you can leave it at one of our water stops and pick it up at the end of the run. says next Sunday will be sunny with morning temperatures in the high 40’s, so please be prepared.


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