Sometimes its good not to run

Very few of us have the perfect runner’s body.  Instead, we may have weak quads or glutes; maybe our hamstrings or IT bands are too tight; perhaps we are carrying more weight than we wish; and if you are female, the fact that your hips are wider puts you at greater risk for injury.  The list can go on.  For most of us, these are minor annoyances in every day life, if we even notice them at all.  However, as we start to increase our mileage during the week and on those Sunday long runs, those small problems can become big ones.   Please pay attention to what your body is telling you.

It’s tempting to think you can push through the pain, and be okay; but that’s rarely true.  When pain is making it difficult to run, you really only have two choices: (1) Keep running until your injury is so bad, you’ll be out for the entire season and won’t be able to do the marathon or (2) Stop running.  Treat the injury now.  Then get back to running.  It’s early enough in the season that you’ll still be able to finish the marathon.

A few people told me today that they had to cut their runs short due to joint pain.  Fortunately, each of them made the right decision this morning. If you feel pain during your run, I hope you too will stop then so you can finish later.  Next weekend, Elevation Fitness will be conducting a runner workshop.   If you have questions about treating your injuries, this is a great opportunity to ask.


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