It’s all about your internal message

Two Sundays ago I joked about how we weren’t really doing an 8 mile run, but rather two 4 mile runs, with the second one starting with a downhill (thanks Dr. Bill for that helpful observation!).   I said it to get a few laughs, but also to make an important point.  A point not just about the marathon or half marathon, but about how you approach any big goal in your life.  Over the next 3 months, our runs/walks will be getting progressively longer (we taper down during the last month) and your attitude can make a huge difference as to how well you perform.  The way to achieve a big goal is to accomplish a series of smaller ones, to feel good about your accomplishment, and let the positive feeling inspire you to keep going.  Think of the long runs as a series of shorter runs, distances that you know you can comfortably do.  Look forward to the small rewards along the way, and celebrate your successes.

“I made it to the water stop!”

“I made it to the top of the hill!”

“I can do this!”

This Sunday’s route will be 9.5 miles.  You can do it!

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