What lessons did YOU learn from the 10K?

Congratulations to all of you who finished the 10K, and to those of you who couldn’t join us, I hope you got in a good workout and ran with us in spirit.

The primary reason we, the coaches, include a 10K and a 1/2 marathon in the training schedule is so you can have  race experiences well before Marathon day, and use those experiences to fine tune your training.  While it’s still fresh in your mind, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.  Think about what went well that you plan to continue, and what you realized you need to do differently.

Several of you already began this self-assessment just moments after you crossed the finish line.  As I asked people “how was it?”, I heard several insightful comments.  “I went out too fast”; “I should have taken it more slowly before I got to the hills so I wouldn’t have needed to walk up the last part”; “I didn’t feel as well as I did on last week’s run because I didn’t sleep enough last night”; etc.   Recognizing what didn’t work for you is the first step toward improvement. So, I encourage each of you to think about what your improvement opportunity is.  Then, start adjusting your approach on your next training run., and see how much better you’ll feel as the season progresses.

And, if you did better than you were expecting, great!  Think about what you did well that you want to repeat.  How hard did you train last week?  How much rest did you get in between training runs?  Did you pace yourself well?  Did you eat and drink appropriately this morning?  If what you did worked for you, keep it up!

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